Foam Pepper Spray 3oz w/ UV Dye Police Magnum Twist Lock

Foam Pepper Spray 3oz w/ UV Dye Police Magnum Twist Lock
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  • Manufacturer: Police Magnum
Foam pepper spray is excellent for blow back protection, extremely reduced area contamination, and immediate saturation. Example: If it is windy, you can spray this with minimum to no blow back contaminating to you as found with a standard aerosol spray. This pepper spray foam is like thick, sticky shaving cream that immediately starts to break down into a liquid jell form upon contact. The assailant will try to wipe it off, but it will be too late. The pepper works instantly causing the eyes to seal with tears, nose to run, excessive coughing, shortness of breath, etc. Any attempt to remove the product furthers the rapid break down into a liquid and drives the pepper further into the assailant's eyes and skin. In cars, homes, shops, malls, restaurants, nightclubs, or other crowded areas where a situation requires pepper spray, foam is the only way to go as foam pepper spray has an extremely low contamination area of only a few feet, where a large blast of standard pepper spray in the same area can affect several hundred square feet. The UV dye leaves an invisible mark on both the assailant and his/her clothing for later identification by law enforcement. The larger size can allows for multiple targeted blasts of up to 12 feet. Effective against: muggers, rapists, carjackers, vicious animals, etc..

  • Less Fumes than Aerosol
  • Secure for Indoor Use
  • Sticks to Assailant
  • Easy to Use - Works Instantly
  • Include UV Identifying Dye
  • Size: 3 Ounce
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