Dovo Straight Razor Shaving Cream Soap Eucalyptus

Dovo Shaving Cream (Soap) Eucalyptus
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  • Manufacturer: Dovo

Dovo Solingen has created this highly regarded new shaving cream formulated with pure eucalyptus oils and lanolin for the most enhanced and satisfying shaving results. These velvety creams have a very pleasant aroma and the refreshing essence of soothing eucalyptus. They provide a thick creamy lather that greatly diminishes nicks, ingrown hairs, and razor burn for a sleek, luxurious shave. Formulated especially for use with safety and straight razors. This is a premium cream that is sure to impress even the most discerning consumers.

  • Made In Italy
  • Easy to use (only takes a bit)
  • 150 ML
  • Perfect for Straight Razor Shaving
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